Barber Accent | Professional Barber Shaving Brush

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This shaving brush from Barber Accent is everything a man needs. Many shaving brushes don’t provide the quality they promise and that can be depressing when you come to realize that situation after you have made your purchase. There are many unreliable brands out there who use cheap material to assemble and create a product that offers low-quality service. These brands then sell their not-so-good products to customers at very high prices. This is the reason why Barber Accent is so different from these brands. We believe in quality and want to provide it to our customers in every way possible.

About The Product

If you want to achieve satisfying results after shaving, don’t forget to use this shaving brush from Barber Accent. It is made with a long ergonomic handle that is easy to grip in your hand for a smooth application. 100% Hog Bristles Shaving Sets are used in its creation. You can also use this amazing product for professional use such as in your barber shop on different clients. This shaving brush is easy to hold and has a comfortable Resin Handle. The quality of this shaving brush is remarkable. Don’t believe me? Try for yourself! This shaving brush is made to give you an exceptional shaving experience. Its smooth bristles will feel light on your beard and help in avoiding any prickliness.


This item is only available in turquoise color.


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